Four Useful Apps

There has several free apps for you to download, such as yelp, google maps, google translate and etc. Yeah, these apps are free, everyone loves free stuffs. We can explore more excellent free app at app store.

Using these apps, we can check weather, buy shows tickets, even find doctors.


Using this app, you can find a Doctor or Dentist. You just put in Specialty, Location, the Date and your insurance company (we are all Aetna, right?), the app will help you search doctors you need. It will show doctors’ profiles, their addresses and available times, the rate stars. You also can check the reviews of his/her patient which help you make the decision of which doctor you would like to choose. Then book appointment. Here we go~


One day, I take part in a social event. After the event, I got some business cards. I wonder how to reserve them. Can I scan these contact info and store these info. in my phone? Then I explore this kind of apps in App Store and find Camcard. This app can read the business cards you collected. You just need click camera button, then the card turns into the e-card, cool~ right?

3.Photowonder  3

This app is very funny. It helps you beautify the pics you take. For example, if you wanna your eyes turn bigger, you can use the Large eyes function. There also have make-up button which help you beautify your face. It’s a magic app~

Is that funny?4


Ok, this app helps you check the bus time. I heard this app from my friend. If you are waiting for a bus at the bus station, you must be really wanna know how many minutes for the next bus are coming. You can download this useful app to check the bus time. It will show your waiting time. The info. is refreshed automatically every 25 seconds. Is this app amazing?

Maybe you know more fantastic apps, write down the app you love~


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Cool Teresa! I find the information you give is quite useful!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thank you for your comments~! Which app you recommend to us? Is there some cool apps you feel it is helpful in your life?

  2. CoolShadesGuy says:

    how did you find those apps?

    1. Teresa says:

      If I need a app, like im sick I need a doctor to help me. I check the app in appstore( in our iphones) , I download lots of apps, then try to use them. Some apps are not good, I will delete them. These apps are what im using now. im a app lover!!!

  3. saleh8 says:

    oh that is interested apps I have Camcard which is really helpful

    1. Teresa says:

      Right. Apps help us simplify our lives.

  4. remuswang says:

    That’s useful !! i’ll take it !!

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