Three coming movies

Would you like seeing movies? I like, but not every film. As a female, I would like seeing romantic movies which might be minority. I have no idea male like romance or not.

Here are some coming movies I pick up~but they are nothing with romance.

1.Crimson Peak (Horror, Drama, Fantasy)1

I see this film trailer many many times as Youtube Video’s ad. And I also see the huge fabulous film poster, when I walk up to Manhattan 7th ave/50 street around. Its posters are posted in subway, even appear on the top of the cab. 

The story happened in a largely rural mountainous region of northern England in the late 19th century, young author Edith Cushing(Mia Wasikowska) falls in love and marries Sir Thomas Sharpe(Hiddleston), a mysterious stranger. She lives in Sharpe’s old, haunted house and find out that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be.

YES. It’s a GOTHIC HORROR film.  

Check the film trailer.  Here is the Ticket.

22. Jem and the Holograms (Youth, Drama, Fantasy )

This movie is based on a TV series(1985-1988), old series. but it is so different from the TV carton. The movie version tells more about youth, fashion, music, dream and real musician’s struggling inside.

The main character named Jem who is the combine of taylor swift and Lady Gaga. She becomes a music superstar from a ordinary girl. So that’s a story about a journey  of discovering the special talents and realizing dreams.

Here is the trailer.

Check out the Showtimes&Tickets.

3. The peanuts movie (3D Animation, Adventure, Comedy)

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of the peanuts gang will hit theaters next month. Lots of peanuts freaks can not wait to this 3D animation. Me tooo. It’s never too old for peanuts.3

Comedy is my second choice movie type, including animation. Coz it’s cute, funny, hilarious and relaxing. People always like relaxing atmosphere, right? I can’t wait to see this movie. 

Release Date:  November 6

Here is trailer & tickets.

Enjoy your the wonderful movie time~


12 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for giving us a quick review of these movies, I had no idea there was a Charlie Brown movie coming out….

    1. Teresa says:

      It’s funny~I gona to see Charlie Brown in theater.

  2. Efrat Shamban says:

    I love horror movies, hope I won’t be disappointed

    1. Teresa says:

      I think u will not. Did you see The Others(2001) ?

      1. Efrat Shamban says:

        Yes I did!! why?

  3. CoolShadesGuy says:

    What movie is good this week? I Wanted to go to the movies but couldn’t choose any!

    1. Teresa says:

      What kind of movie you would like? horror, adventure, drama, comedy or what. I like The Intern&Crimson Peak.

  4. Monoploy says:

    I stop watching movie like for a while, but reading your blog make me wanna go to a theater again. I really like #2&#3

    1. Teresa says:

      I like too~

  5. remuswang says:

    Great post !!
    well i think you missed Pan, i’m looking forward to it so much !!!!!

    1. Teresa says:

      Thank u

  6. jittapon19 says:

    I like animation movie like #3, but when I see 3D movie, I always get headache. I don’t know why.

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