The Voice of China: How I Begin to Love Folk Music

voc4-bannerAlmost the whole Chinese youth generation watches the Voice of China, a reality talent show in China that is based on The Voice of Holland. It is so popular that everyone who likes singing wants to be on the show for sure.

The fourth season of this TV show has just finished its last episode. While people are crazy about the champion of this year which is as ridiculous as a joke to me, I prefer to tell some stories about myself that is related to this TV show and how it changed me.

main-1I watched all the Voice of China episodes from the first season 3 years ago when I considered myself a super fan of this TV program. It was actually introduced from Holland, but I only knew the Voice of America before I started to become a fan of it. Since my classmates and I were all a little westernized, we certainly wanted to watch a TV show that was brought up from another country other than China. It was just culturally exciting to follow up this upcoming musical show.

I picked up many new styles of music including folk and punk. I definitely enjoyed this program and restarted to play guitar myself after listening to two folk songs called “Zebra” and “Roses” from a girl named Zhang Jingyi in Season 3.

Zebra Zebra, by Zhang Jingyi

Zhang Jingyi, sang “Zebra Zebra” in Season 3

Watching many folk singers with contemporary Chinese folk songs on this stage is certainly a motivation for me. I even have an impulse of registering for this show myself if my voice is not that bad. Because those songs really changed my attitude towards folk music, I began to try new songs other than pop songs. Late in that year, I got to know a bunch of Chinese and Western bands including New Pants, Miserable Faith, the Weepies, Frente and Muse.

I went to two Modern Sky Music Festival in China this year and one in New york at the beginning of October. I do love those bands and singers who struggled for years to wait for a shine of Chinese folk and rock music.

I have more to tell you about those music styles and related cultures here in my previous blog.

If you like Chinese music and the Voice series, please watch some four turnarounds here.


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  1. Can Altuglu says:

    The format of “The Voice” is actually based on real singing and talent, that’s why i prefer it to the shows like Idol or X Factor, which are about harsh criticism or ratings using weird people & dramas. It’s nice to hear Chinese folk music on Chinese version of the show.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Can. I do love Idol and X Factor too. I actually love all kinds of TV shows about reality talent. One of my favorite is the Amazing Race.

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