10 Free NYC Fall Essentials

       Have you tried any? if so please comment on the section below to share your experience,or  if you have any more suggestions :).


free scissors

Free haircuts 

Summer sadness? Not only in spirit, but noticeable in our split ends and in our pockets. However, a fresh start and a subtle change never killed nobody. The Salon Apprentice is a website that aids apprentices find models for training salon practices.They are mostly assesed by professionals throughout the processes, so you achieve your desired look. Those interested stay on a budget with free or discounted fees.

Yoga To the peopleyogatothepeople

No rules , no proper payments , yoga for everyone. 6 different location in New York city recapturing the essence of Yoga. Just bring your matt and a bottle of water to keep hydrated at different training schedules starting from 7. Yoga to the people is  a suggested admission class , A.K.A. Free? It’s up to you.

Center for communications ( Career enriching)Center_for_communications

Are you a student interested in the communications field? The center for communications connects you with the best agencies and minds in media. The array of events entails seminars , talks , visits on location , and so on. It’s very useful if you are trying to find an internships, or make some connections on your area of interest.


free cupcakes nyc
Paul Goyette

Georgetown Cupcakes 

Gourmet cupcakes made by the finest ingredients that are indulging to the palate. Nonetheless, we feel guilty when we are tightening your belts, not only for money but the calories. Good news to you, though. If you found your self in Soho during the morning or lunch time, check out the cupcakery’s twitter .They post a new cupcake’s name that it’s non-on-the-menu, and the best thing its FREE!


Check out Chelsea galleries ( free wine)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in other words your perspective determines what art means to you. Chelsea is a representation of many styles of art. It’s concentrated largely between West 18th to West 27th streets. A plus is that most of the galleries offer free wine.


 John St John
John St John

Modern Art Friday

An evening at the museum to enjoy yourself alone or accompanied at MOMA(4-10 pm) or Whitney Museum(7-10pm). Both framework modern and abstract art for free.

Michael D Beckwith
Michael D Beckwith

Castles in Manhattan( The Cloisters)

Want to experience a medieval feeling for an afternoon? Cloisters is a castle tucked a way by Fort Tyron park. Take the A train to 190th street, and enjoy of the fall. Take the 10 min walk to the museum , and enjoy of an afternoon of religious medieval art.

queens farm

Queens County Farm Museum

The place to escape the city for a pumpkin picking, petting zoo , and a maize maze. Take a Train to Kew gardens- Union Tpke, then walk to Q46 buss towards LK SUCCESS LIJ HOSP via UNION , get off at Union Tpk/252 st, and walk toward the farm Museum. It’s a must for a memorable fall in NYC.

free movies

NYC Screenings

Tired of watching movies for a high price and afterward regretting if it didn’t superpass your expectations? Advance screening is a way of getting free tickets to watch the latest big screen successes.If you want to stay up to date for the latest screenings follow them twitter for a higher chance of getting tickets.

free live music

Rockwood music hall

21+ venue that welcomes you with live music of new songwriters. It’s a great venue to hang out with friends, and have a couple of drinks while you listen to music as you had the pro type headphones.


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  1. sarahhjorthol says:

    This is perfect for my friend who is coming this week! We have to do all of this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Awesome, hope you huyas enjoy! Let me know it goes 🙂

  2. Can Altuglu says:

    Actually, this was very informative and helpful. Thank you. I’m definately gonna check some of these out.

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Great, let me know your experience !

  3. Teresa says:

    Thanks for your wonderful sharing~I joined in some great events organized by Center for Communications. A good agency~

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Great , maybe we go to one of them together!

      1. Teresa says:

        Sure I wanna go Chelsea galleries, free screening, and music hall, haha

  4. shuangpan says:

    I wanna go yoga to the people. Thanks for your sharing. It’s was informative and useful.

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Thank you, and let me know if you know of something similar:)

  5. reshamp says:

    wow ! this is some really great & handy stuff! well done:D

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Thank you , are you going to try any?

  6. Monoploy says:

    Your first one catches my attention pretty quick, I really love to have a haircut.

    1. biancaAvila says:

      I recently got mine , and they treated me as a valuable client !

  7. amoytt says:

    wow, thank you for sharing this information, it really useful!!

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