Animation Festival

I attended Metro Caf 2015, an animation festival presented by NYC ACM  SIGGRAPH.image_large
As a member of SIGGRAPH, I like to participate in  different kind of events associated with animation. This is the second time that I attended the animation festival.

In the Metro Caf, I saw many students’ animations, that come from School of Visual Arts, Pratt, New York Film Academy, and Fashion Institute of Techology. Some of works are attracting and creative.

These are my thoughts about this animation festival after watching other schools’ students animation works.  A good animation doesn’t mean that it has to demonstrate good 3D modeling skills. It is about how your character play harmoniously with your own background. For instance, your character can be a shadow, and you can just use sounds and  lights from different directions to show people  the changes from one scene to another .

The picture in the lfet-hand side  comes from an animation called ” OLILO “. This is one of my faviourite animationsanimation1 that I watched in the animation festival.  It is a hand-drawn traditional  2D animation. Compared to other 3D computer animations, the hand-drawn characters seem rough, but it fresh up my view of how to simply combine lines and colors to exaggerate and distort form and shape to show the character ‘s inner struggle with emotion.


And you can see that, simple lines, simple shapes, and simple forms show the perspective of the background. The subway background is a harmonious combination of colors. It is also in harmony with the creation of the character.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kiara Morales says:

    Sounds like a great event, do you have any experience with animation? I saw the facebook page for this event, which included pics and video, and it was fascinating too see the detail that goes into developing a story or concept into its final product.

    1. Kewen Chen says:

      Yes, I have done several animations. It is interesting to create animation from storyboard telling to a real visual video.

  2. Efrat Shamban says:

    What kind of animation do you do? did you ever study it?

    1. Kewen Chen says:

      Yes, I studied it before. I did digital 2D animations. 🙂

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