What type of man you are by the sunglasses you wear.

Hello everyone this week I wanted to write about fashion, human behavior and of course sunglasses. For this post I going to summarize 3 types of man by the sunglasses they wear, so if you are a guy and you are reading this try go to guess who you are and if you are a girl and you are reading this try to guess what kind of man is your boy!


Number 1: The Classic.

This is a very conservative guy, he likes frames easy to wear and to match easily with his clothes. This boy is very well cautious when is time to choose for a fashion element and sunglasses are a very vital piece to his style and sometime are the most important accessory. Shades like The very famous “RayBan Aviator” and P3 “Andy Warhol Style”by Illesteva fit perfectly with this type of man and there are a lot of options in that category for him. So, if this is you or this is your boy you’re a very lucky to have great personality.  3

Number 2: The Bad Boy.

Sunglasses are synonym of coolness and coolness is the synonym of bad boys, this man chooses total black shades very dark, sunglasses are essential in his fashion appearance. Leather and jeans are always in this guy’s wardrobe and hi is for sure very popular and well know love hunter. Shades like “RayBan Wayfarer
and some pieces from “Italia Independent” would fit perfectly for this bad boy. So, if you are one of these men or is your boy one of this, your better visit those links above for a perfect gift for you or for him.


Number 3: Out of Space.

Accessories for this guy are so important like a hardware tool to a carpenter. Sunglasses are on the top of his priorities for fashion and this must be really out of the box or a real art piece inspired in a futuristic movie. I couldn’t suggest any better for this season that the new man shades from #13&9Eyewear I went last week to the jewelry fair art the MAD Museum in Manhattan just to try them on and they are really amazing!!! If you are a this kind of guys please visit #13&9design and get one of the only 600 pieces they made for the season.7


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