One of The Best Thai Restaurants in New York

IMG_0158IMG_0157Hi everyone, nice to see you guys again. Today I’m gonna bring you to a Thai restaurant (Spice). It is located between Broadway and University place around Union Square.The restaurant is serving Thai fusion foods. The foods here are 80% Thai and 20%American.

At the front of the restaurant you would see a white-red flag say “Spice”. So means you are arrived. When you walk in side to the restaurant, you are going to see the receptionist at the front, and you’re gonna see Thai style decoration at the wall. But the music that they play sounds like Club and Pop music.


They have a various kind of foods on the menu, but today I am going to please vegetable lovers. So I ordered a vegetarian duck with red curry sauce. That’s sound good right! The duck looked like a real duck but it is not. The duck was made of soy protein, but it’s just looked like a real duck. So if you are vegetarian or you don’t eat meat, you can absolutely have it. The curry sauce is kind of salty, spicy and sweet a little bit with the duck, so it is a very good combination. And I highly recommended you should have them with a side of coconut-sticky rice, it would be an awesome meal for you.
Hope you guys enjoy your dinner. And I’ll see you guys next week.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Monoploy says:

    Can I have red curry with chicken, Thai spicy please. Lol

    1. jittapon19 says:

      Yeah sure, you can have either chicken or the vegetarian duck. Anything for you my friend. Hahahaa

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