My Top 3 Sitcoms

Okay so let me just start by saying that i am a sitcom addict! all my free time i spend watching a variety of different shows with different genres! It can range from drama, comedy, horror, mystery etc. So i watch a lot of shows, but through this vast clutter and variety that is available, how can you choose as to what to watch and what not?  Because off course we have other priorities also! So if you want to get started you, then these would be the ones that i would recommend:-



F.R.I.E.N.D.S is an American sitcom that revolves around the life of 6 BFF’s living in the same apartment complex in New York. This show ran for ten years and had ten seasons. it was the most popular show throughout its run and received 62 Primetime Emmy Awards.( woahh thats huge right?)

Well besides these statistics, the main reason why i would recommend watching this show is because you will be able to relate to it. NYC and being in your 20s with your buddies.  It is mostly a comedy show, but it does has a few emotional heart warming moments 🙂 id say give it a try for its not been named ‘Á Classic’ just like that

2. bbtThe Big Bang Theory

Another favourite of mine is The big bang theory. This story revolves around the life of 5 characters living in Pasadena, California. Leonard and Sheldon are two physicists working at cal tech. They are total geeks and are socially awkward. Along with them are their two colleagues Howard and Rajesh. Well their world turns upside down when a super hot and super pretty girl Penny moves in next door. She aspires to be an actress but is working as a waitress.

Also a comedy. Currently in its 8th season this show is extremely popular amongst the masses.

3. Modern Family

modernfamilyThis story is told from the perspective of an outsider. It involves the life of 3 families and shows us a real but super hilarious real life drama. Clare and Phil have 3 kids and try their best to be open minded parents but their first daughter is trying to grow up too fast, the next daughter is too smart for anyone to get her and their son well he is kinda disaster.

Claire’s father Jay and his Latina wife Gloria (Sophia vergera) are raising two kids. People assume jay to be Gloria’s father at times.

Jay’s gay son Mitchell and partner Cameron have adopted an Asian girl child. So overall it’s a mix of straight, gay, modern, traditional and multicultural chaotic family.

P.S ; these are just my 0.02 cents, i’d definitely appreciate if any of you’ll could recommend any others 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. saleh8 says:

    I love Friends It makes me laugh a lot LoL

  2. reshamp says:

    i know right? i have watched all the ten seasons atleast twice each :p

  3. Monoploy says:

    I tried to watch the number 1 and 2 but couldn’t finish it. So many season o.0

    1. reshamp says:

      haha i know its over whelming but because it was a succeess and so popular, thats mainly why further seasons were released!:)

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