5 Mind-blowing Series

Game changer , host of 8 , tech ruining social constructs, advocating for the murderer, and jump-scaring yourself with twisted theories. These series are mind-blowing , and outstanding in many of the topics that they tackle that you won’t want to miss.

Have you seen any already? let me know your thoughts. Is there one that I’m missing, please share on the comments :).

                                              Mr. robot                                                                                  

MV5BMTg3OTQ2NzAzN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDUyNjY3NTE@._V1_SX214_AL_ Mood :            Curious

Genre              Crime & Drama


It’s a 9 out of 10 SERIE! Though it’s sort of confusing sometimes, it definitely makes you think how far from reality is this plot from?


Sam Esmail portrays a social anxious, drug addict, delusional hacker, and yet interesting character, Elliot, in this year series Mr. Robot. He wants equality and an end to the social construct that we know; The rich controlling society through debts, money, price of living , and capitalism. He stands in the shadows considering the fall of this group that owns Evil corp, which is a monopolistic company. They have in record many accidental deaths by terminal illnesses of their employees, and one of them was Elliot’s father. However was it really an accident? Many secrets that this company has in concealment are dredge up by Elliot’s dexterous computer skills, and decide it’s time to burst the bubble.

The series evolves along with the character showing many stages of emotional breakdowns, and human intrinsic reactions to mayhems. Desperation, self-deprivation, and desensitized actions are prominent in the journey of taking the blindfold off from society.


                                                      Black Mirror                                                                  

Black Mirror
Mood :            Thoughtful

Genre              Drama , Sci-Fi


Disrupt your brain with the future of society and technology.

One foot on the analogue and other on the tech world, that’s where we currently are. Nonetheless, Black Mirror pushes the envelope introducing us to many prognosticated stages that society might reach with technology. The power of social media to scale up the ladder with art and kidnapping, ruining relations by replaying memories as videos, talking to our dead ones and even incarnate them through a software, and certainly a new masochistic way of entertainment to punish murderers.

I personally believe this series has very unique remarks, it is innovative, and broaches topics that can come true in a near future, as tech gurus like Karl Kurtzwell have predicted. Many of the episodes frameworks the instinct of humanity to utilize technology that already exist, yet with a new uses. However, regardless our intentions, it’s our morality whether to use it well or not.

                                                      Sense 8                                                                           

Sense8Mood :            Thoughtful

Genre              Drama , Sci-Fi


Why not considered human as a evolutionist?


Could you see yourself sharing your intellect, abilities and emotions without your consent with a stranger? One of the most promising sci-fi series on Netflix embarks the story of 8 individuals that were genetically clustered by birth. Each one is scattered around the world that we’ve known, yet they can host each other’s body with their conscious.

I believe that series is memorable due to the shared emotion and personal growth that each character has through out the series. Once their purpose and power is understood, the eight become one. The sensation of belonging is achieved, and each is a reflection of the other, which I believe as a being, each seeks it. Moreover, the portrayal of each culture and believes is prominent, which anyone can relate to.

I consider that sense 8 is worthwhile because the series was film in different continents,  and it’s well integrated once we see it as a complete deliverable on the screen.

                                          How to get away with Murder                                                    

How to get away with murderMood :            Mistery

Genre              Drama , Sci-Fi


Portraits women as a strong character , and the story is addictive.


Hooking you up with a murder, and seeing it unveil regressively through every episode to the end. Academy Award winner, Viola Davis, embodies “the” bad ass lawyer representative of murderers. Analisse and her A students solely focused in a case every episode along with the death of a girl, who is sort of connected to her husband. She applies tactics intelligently to make someone seem innocent. We can take away that definitely where there is will, there is a way.

What I like about the series is that everything fall in to place until it left you slack-jawed. On the other hand the eclectic individuals add an alluring connection to every audience. For instance same gender couples, the bride-to-be of a bi-sexual, African Americans, typical American, and so on. Many relatable situations that keeps you at the edge off your seat until the end.


                                       American Horror Story: Asylum                                                  

american-horror-story-asylum-key-artMood :            Halloween

Genre              Horror , Sci-Fi


Compelling, yet daunting.


Dominique ni que it nique … you know what I mean if you have seen this season of the series. The series it has an independent story every season , and I know this one is more like sci-fi horror genre; however, it’s bizarre and shocking. It’s the type that you binge watch regardless you know how sick is the story.

The series is well delivered in every scene according the era, and the characters are strong and sophisticated at the same time. Every story is developed over the top of terrifying. Though, it makes you think if crazy people are really crazy, and what have leaded them to become who they are.


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Can Altuglu says:

    American Horror Story is one of my favorite shows ever, and Asylum is definitely my favorite season. I love how dark and mysterious it is. It’s creepy, well-acted and well-scripted. Jessica Lange is such a great actress and I’m quite sad that she won’t be returning this season. But hey, this wednesday right after social media class, the new season begins on FX!

    1. biancaAvila says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! Jessica la he it’s way farmacéutico than amazing, se was my favorito too. Though the new sea son look a very promisiones, can’t wait. Have you watch any other of the series like Mr. Robot?

      1. Can Altuglu says:

        Yes, my least favorite season was the last one, Freakshow. I hope this season will be better. From the other shows you’ve listed, I haven’t started watching any of them, but I hear nice comments about Sense 8 from my friends, I might give it a go. Recently, I’ve started watching Scream Queens. It’s a dark comedy, playing with the cliches of the horror genre, you should see it, if u haven’t already.

      2. biancaAvila says:

        Yeah freak show sort of deviated from the horror genre. Some of the character like Randy were kind of interesting, though. Anyway, Scream Queens seems interesting. I saw the Pilot knowing that the producers of AHS were involved. Let’s just hope for better content this time around with this upcoming series :).

  2. Lise Hanssen says:

    I love the TV-shows you picked out. If you want a new one to watch you should check out Arrow. I really love that show 🙂

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Great thank you! I’ll check it out. Which of the series from the list you considered your favorite?

      1. Lise Hanssen says:

        I really like how to get away with murder. I’m not done with that yet 🙂

      2. biancaAvila says:

        Ohh awesome! Hope you like the end . The second season just started, and it’s :O.

  3. amoytt says:

    I watched all seasons of Black Mirror and like it sooooooo much. And also watched Sense 8. And i would recommend you “Inside 9”, its scenario is so good!!! one of my favorite !!

    1. biancaAvila says:

      Cool! Thanks for your recommendation, I just so the trailer. I’m keen to start seeing it :). Would you give a try any of the other listed series?

      1. amoytt says:

        hahah, Game of Thrones.

      2. biancaAvila says:

        Great series. thought I’d put it in other category , artistic nudity 😏 .

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