Something about the Film “Dallas Buyers Club”

“Dallas Buyers Club” was a film released in 2013, directed by Jean-Marc. It is from an original screenplay by Craig Borton and Melisa Wallack. The film was about the topic of the AIDS patients and homosexual people in 1980s.IMG_2763

The story happened in Texas. Yes, the “Deep south” area. People there was so conservative. The main character Ron was played by Matthew McConaughey. He won the Oscar awards depend on this film in 2014. This film showed the huge change of Ron’s attitude to the homosexual and AIDS patients. Ron used to be Cowboy and he detested the homosexual extremely. However he got the AIDS accidently and the doctor told him he only had 1 month life to live. Ron rejected the result and finally found a way to get some illegal drugs and cure himself. After that he began to sell the drugs to the AIDS patients and most of them were Gay. In that time if you have AIDS was the same that you were a Gay and no one want people thought they were freak.So if you have AIDS it means like death.  Cause of the illegal drugs they had a chance united as an organization and began to fight for their own rights. In this progress, Ron changed his opinion to this”Gay people”, he tried to accept them and help them defense AIDS and the government. Finally Ron saved countless lives of AIDS patients.IMG_2764

After watched this film, i thought something about “First Prejudice”, people may always prefer to trust their instinct and make some decision so opinionated, and it may make ourselves missed sometimes


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  1. Thank you for writing a review on this film! I’ve been wanting to see it but I hate sad movies,because they make me feel sad, and who the heck wants to feel sad?!?

    1. amoytt says:

      i know, but on the other hands you could see the positive sides of this movie too.. may try it one time?

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