Family visit

Last week my family flew back home after spending 10 days with me in New York. We traveled to CT and stayed there for fourIMG_0087 days. One of the coolest experiences of being in CT is getting a chance to eat at the famous restaurant called Mystic Pizza. The landscape of CT is very different from NYC. For one thing everything is green, full of trees and grass. Also the houses are big and there aren’t any tall buildings.

The rest of the time we spent exploring Manhattan. We ate in so many different places and I would like to recommend one place in particular.

FullSizeRender (1)
My dad’s order, I’m veggie

Nougatine Jean Georges Restaurant is located Trump Hotel 1 Central Park West (close to NYIT). When you enter for the first time you will probably think that you can’t afford to eat here. The prices aren’t cheap, its looks really fancy and you can’t go inside wearing jeans, yes there is a dresscode, but on the other hand I will tell you a secret. You can eat there for only 40$!!! How you ask? you can find the “special lunch” menu that includes appetizer, main course and dessert for only 40$.

Next time you are feeling fancy and want to throw on some sexy heels and a  dress make sure to head to Nougatine Jean Georges for brunch with ladies or a steamy lunch date.


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  1. Kiara Morales says:

    Sounds like such a wonderful time with the family, glad that you got to spend time with them! 🙂 and you’re description of CT made me miss home, it is where I am from!

    1. Tnx 🙂
      Have you been to Mystic Pizza? Do you recommend any other places?

      1. Kiara Morales says:

        I have actually never had Mystic Pizza, it looks delicious! In that area of CT, I’d probably say most notably Foxwoods casino & Mystic Seaport are the places to be.

  2. Ohh you should go there!!!
    Mystic Seaport is definitely amazing!

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