Movie Review About Fifty Shades of Grey

Speaking of movie, I’m not a crazier of it, but i do watch movie(when my friends force me to), for example, I just watched the “famous” movie called Fifty Shades of Grey with my roommates.

Since every young man and woman already heard or watched it over and over again, I decide to skip the most “exciting and creative” part, and concentrate on the personalities and behaviors of the leading character——Christian Grey.

In my point of views, this kind of male creature does not exist on this earth(maybe exist on outer space), here are two reasons:


— He became a successful business man from a very poor guy, who was given birth by a freaky prostitute and tortured by a pedophile when he was 16. Usually, human being who mentally suffered a lot when he was at the very young age cannot turn to be an outstanding or excellent successful man in his later life.

Why? Cause he got very serious psychic trauma or maybe tied to kill himself when he felt deep depression. As the results, he would misbehave or turn to be antihuman. Well the luckiest life for him would be he become an introvert person but crazy about computer or psychology, then he has a dog or two, and his best friends are dogs.

That is reasonable and acceptable.


— Even if he finally become a successful business man owing to family support and self hard-worked, how could he fall in love with a girl who has nothing in common with him at all, and spoil her in an incredible way.

Original books, dresses, computer, helicopter, first-class ticket, furniture, car and Grey appears whenever she wants or unwants, that’s too exaggerated. Unless he is a robot created for Anna only, and all the meanings of his life are buying her expensive gifts and saving her from danger.

For me, I would rather to work hard and marry a man who always makes me small, rather than have relationship with a heavy-taste but successful business man.


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  1. Can Altuglu says:

    I think the part that you skipped is actually connected to the traumas he had. The movie is full of eroticism and fantasies but behind all that there is a very wounded man. He turns out to be a successful business man but psychologically he is shattered and this all comes out in his private affairs. It’s an escape for him, because he can’t fit in real life with real people. His character is the only character in the movie that has depth in a way. The others are just stereotypes. I think the reason he falls in love with Anna is because she is the opposite. She has purity, something Christian lost a long time ago. But in general it’s not a work of literature and is made to give the audience a good time. Thats why it’s also full of cliches and shallow dialogues.

    1. remuswang says:

      you’re right
      i totally agree with you in this part
      here are my reasons for writing movie review in this unexpected way
      you know there are a lot of girl dream to be loved by the man who just like Grey, and i want to stop them from dreaming and encourage them to be realistic, and live on their own knees
      Grey is a great man, while only exist in movie or book. And i hope girls will be more independent and powerful, to become the one who love and support their boyfriend and future husbands, the one who contribute themselves to relationship and families.
      i hope girls will develop themselves and be active, instead of hoping “Grey” comes and lights their life.

      thank you for sharing opinions to me, i really really appreciate that !!!

      1. Can Altuglu says:

        You’re totally right! Being independent is the most important thing!

    2. remuswang says:

      Thank you!!
      Have a good night!!!

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