Journalism? So Many Unanswered Questions

I was never really an “A”  student. In fact, I barely passed my second year of college because, no matter what, one has to pass some sort of math class. But I always got an A in my writing classes. So I assumed that at least some people enjoyed my writing. So I wrote. And I majored in (what else) journalism, hoping that since my previous teachers liked my writing, other people might it like it too. But those dreams have almost entirely come to a screeching halt.newspaper_20icon_15b15d

Hundreds of well respected journalists are being handed a pink slip because newspapers are now a thing of the past. We’re moving into a strictly digital era. It’s not practical to put out a daily newspaper when people can already read the news pretty much as soon as it happens. But what does that mean for journalism? Sure I can easily and conveniently get the news quickly from my phone but is it really news? How can we distinguish between what’s legitimate and what isn’t? I want to know that what I’m reading is real. I want to have full confidence in it without having to question it’s authenticity. I want to know that the journalists who are reporting on these stories are investigating them. I don’t feel that from the internet. At least not now, anyway.


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  1. Teresa says:

    I got your idea. Now many news online just are edited from other news. It is easier to edit news than interview and do a research.

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