Whose your candy?

For all you crazy chocoholics out there ,just take a peak inside and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Located in the heart of Times Square, M&M’S World is spread on three levels that are packed with Snapchat-4253686205621362858a huge range of exclusive mouth watering  M&M’s chocolates and merchandise, including clothing, kitchenware, bedding, jewelry, and glassware, as well as some other  seasonal items.

This place is surely going to blow your mind and will compel you to make a purchase even if you just
enter to take a look at what exactly this is.


So basically it is like how we as children envisioned heaven to be! Chocolates chocolates everywhere! Left right  up or down wherever you see its just m&m candies in a variety of flavours very well arranged on three floors.. Flavours such as milk chocolate, dark chocolate, pretzel, mint chocolate, peanut butter, almond are available at $6.99 for half a pound.

Snapchat-428073353552290044 (1)

So just pick any day and go and visit this store! It will definitely leave you feeling overwhelmed! I kid you not you will just not feel like leaving this candy land!Snapchat-7548597145778905718

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