September 26, i went to see the movie “The walk”. This movie was directed by Robert Zemeckis. Yes, the director of the “Forrest Gum”, one of the best movie in America. And the main character was casted by Joseph Goldon. This movie was based on a real story of a French high-wire artist Philippe Petit, and described the process that how Philippe and his friends pursued an impossible plan, and finally realize the it.The story was dramatic. Mentionable,the 3D animation of this movie was so amazing. Everyone should watched it and it really worth the price!! Also, if you have acrophobia, you should watch this movie and it may help you overcome it haha.4600D845-63D2-4E93-B6CB-A64141B27200 7F2EBA4D-5936-4BA3-BA71-AF5C6FE0AFF5

And for me, the most impressive thing of this movie was that it restored the view of old “world trade center twin towers”, it created a real sense of its heights and this really touched many people. In this movie, you will find out the director showed much respect and love for the New York City and the WTC twin towers.

BTW, i saw Joseph Goldon before the movie began, Joseph looks really thinner but nice. 


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  1. Can Altuglu says:

    I was planning to go to the premiere too, but ended up not going. Maybe I should see it, it really sounds interesting.

    1. amoytt says:

      yeah, i think this movie is cool.

  2. sarahhjorthol says:

    Do you think the trailer justifies the movie? The trailer does not want to make me go see it.

    1. amoytt says:

      hahah, but this trailer makes me interested about this movie. maybe you could have a try?

      1. sarahhjorthol says:

        I will for sure gå and see it!

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