Biking to Old Westbury on Sunday Morning

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Winter comes. We will not have much chance to travel around by bicycle when the snow falls on the ground for the first time of the year. Last Sunday, we went to Old Westbury Campus, NYIT, biking all the way from Manhattan Campus (route map).

Flushing, Queens. Asian Hieroglyphs and American way of life.

We started from 61st Street, taking 57th Street to the east, and turned left on 1st Avenue. It didn’t take us long to find the way to Ed Koch Bridge. The bicycle lane on the bridge is right designed for cyclists and joggers, with a steep upward and downward which is both tiring and entertaining. After getting down the bridge, we headed eastward on Northern Boulevard which was a true ‘broadway’ and made us feel energetic and strong-minded for getting to the destination.

Old Westbury Campus, NYIT

Halfway to Old Westbury, we traveled through Flushing, Queens. We could see stores decorated with banners, printed with Asian characters on both sides of the street, one adjacent to another. This area is famous for Asian food and culture, with a large number of ethnic groups including Chinese, Korean and Japanese reside here. We could feel the paradox of Asian hieroglyph and American way of life in which people emanate both Eastern and Western personalities.

NYIT Campus, Old Westbury.

Since the way to Old Westbury was long and confusing, it took us almost 5 years to get there. We arrived at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, taking a lot of pictures, and had lunch in school cafeteria which offered us 7 dollars buffet. The food was so delicious that I didn’t even chew before I swallowed, probably because I was too hungry.

We headed back at 5pm from Hicksville Station, with tickets to Penn Station, Manhattan. It was a great trip. I like the view along the road, forests in the campus and facilities on the train. This trip made me understand more about this country and the people.

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  1. remuswang says:

    good job, keep biking!!

  2. Teresa says:

    I like your photos.

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