A story about origami and souvenirs

When I lived in the UK last year, I made some paper foldings on a raining afternoon. Actually, I really enjoyed this period of time simply because it made me figure out myself and own a  happiest and special moment. Although origami was a time-consuming, I got more  from it.  I think people lose their innocence as they grow older. So, sometimes, we need to do something for keeping a childlike enthusiasm and simplicity in order to seek  a happy childhood and memory. I thought making up a meeting between with those paper foldings and my “little guys” was very interesting. I know you maybe say  this is so boring! But I really love do this kind of things. Hahahah….


     Origami animals by shuang

I’m also craze about collecting all kinds of souvenirs. when I toured the Loch Ness  in  Scottish highlands, I bought this cute soft  toy “Nessie”  in a cruise ship. A picture of Loch Ness Monster in 1934  led to the world’s attention, which made the loch Ness famous in the world.  According to a most common speculation, Nessis is a creature like Plesiosaur with a long-neck and dragon’s body. However,  so many disputed pictures and videos were hard to prove this creature was real, which is a popular myth so far. For me, I was looking forward to meeting Nessie on this trip. what a pity! A great trip but no Nessie!



                               The Loch Ness      Scottish Highland view                                    


My Nessie

I took those pictures and souvenirs in London SeaLife aquarium. This is a wonderful place where can see many kinds of sea creatures from British water. It is very close to London Eye and Times River. General ticket is a little expensive (23.5 pounds/per adult ). Online price is more cheaper (19.98 pounds). It was a good way for me to discover about 600 marine and fresh-water species. I got a chance to feed turtles and sharks as a winner. That was amazing, you know, turtle is my favorite animal. I bought a pink turtle toy immediately when I met “her”.



London Eye            London SeaLife Aquarium               Dream Jellyfish


Pink turtle and starfish


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