Two different groups of people

Two different groups of people

This Friday, there were massive crowds waiting for Pope Francis outside the central park.Since there was no class on
that day, I came to the central park and saw Pope riding his black Fiat through the street, and took several pictures.

When I tidied up the pictures this evening , I came across an interesting picture
that I took. It was interesting for me to find that two different groups of people
were waiting with passion at the corner of Fifth Avenue.

In this picture,you can see that, at the top left – hand corner, one group of
people near several police cars were waiting for Pope Francis’ coming, while
in the lower right corner, people standing in rows near an Apple store were
waiting for new iphone 6s and 6s plus. Although these two groups of people
had different goals, they were patient and stood a whole afternoon with
their own overwhelming passion.

.Two Groups of People


7 Comments Add yours

  1. “Appleism” is the new religion of the 21st century.
    Which side would you choose?

    1. Kiara Morales says:

      lol I already have been witness to 2 separate arguments as to why the new iphone may or may not be great! Although its always interesting to see what passions brings people together, whether its an electronic or a spiritual belief.

      1. Kewen Chen says:

        yes, right.

    2. Kewen Chen says:

      I don’t choose neither Christianity or Appleism . Because I believe in Buddhism

    3. biancaAvila says:

      religion, Apple simply instills the capitalistic society to consume, and sadly very little number of people know what involves the process of making this tech and supposedly “recycling.”

  2. shuangpan says:

    Interesting, If I am here, I would wait for pope first, and then join in apple’s line. Hahaha…

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