Sex Sells, so what?

Many artists, female or male, are being labeled as sex symbols, which brings some criticism along with it, especially if they are female. Well, you know what? I think it can be something to be proud of.

Why am I writing about this subject? Because last week, I was at a concert of one of the most famous living sex symbols: Madonna. What made Madonna who she is today? What was her difference than the others? Well, she was never afraid.

12043005_10153746071104388_6167626956190138477_nLet me start by saying, I was never a huge fan of hers but I always respected her as an entertainer. What made her the global star she is today was her courage about crossing the boundaries, exploring what was labeled as “immoral” or “wrong” before. She wasn’t afraid of her sexuality as a female. While many might argue that getting attention by sexuality is wrong. I can argue the opposite.

Sexuality can also be a strong way to prove power. Madonna proved at her show once again that with the right elements and ideas sexuality can show how strong a woman can be. She showed everyone that she was in control. Here is a performance of one of the best tracks from her new album Rebel Heart:

While talking about the innovators like Madonna, I’d like to mention another name: Ajda Pekkan. She is a Turkish singer, who has been admired by 4 generations. Yes, I’m not kidding. Born in 1946, she is 69 years old now. She was the first female singer to sing about feminisim and she was also never afraid to be sexual. Still, she is looking young and sexy, proving that age can be just a number. Last year, she was awarded with Chevaliers of the Ordre Des Arts et Des Lettres by the French Government. Here is one of her latest videos, can you believe that she is turning 70 in February?

Same goes for men too. I think no one can criticize a person for being revealing, if it’s a statement for them. If a person, feels good in his/her own skin, feels proud, why not show it off? That’s why I admire all the artists who support this view. When it’s done in a artistic way, it’s a statement, and a bold one. Feel free to share your views on the subject.


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