Long Beach is calling me



Each person may has a different way to refresh his/herself. For me, a great food and nice place are perfect.

Almost a week ago after finished all classes, I feel like I need to fill an energy. So I designed to go to Long Beach. If you just moved to NYC, don’t think it hard to get there because I just came here too and I made it.


First thing you have to do is check LIRR schedule, choose an arrive from wherever you are to Long Beach. I brought a round trip from Jamaica to Long Beach which cost me $13.50.






Getting off at Island Park Station : Jordan Lobster farm

As the time pass, my stomach was protesting for some food. At this station, there is a perfect place that provide you an awesome lobster and seafoods called Jordan Lobster farm. When you get off at the station, open your Google Maps and search for the name of the restaurant. It will take about 10 minutes to walk there.






After my energy is recharged, it’s time to walk back to the station and going to the beach! It’s only take about 10 minutes to arrive to Long Beach. Since we have to pay to enter this beach, so it’s very clean and nice. At the beach, there are not a lot of people so you can enjoy that peaceful atmosphere with yourself and your special person. I just spread a picnic sheet, lay down my body and open a movie that I already downloaded in my iPad. As the time pass, I sat and watched the sun that was about to set. This is such a perfect way for me to refresh myself and get ready for the next coming week. And I hope you too 🙂

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. jittapon19 says:

    I’ve never been to Long Beach before but after I’ve read your blog, I’m planing to go there on this weekend coming. hahaha

  2. Monoploy says:

    Go there before the weather is getting colder and colder so you can enjoy it.

  3. shuangpan says:

    I think you really enjoyed this short vacation. Actually, this is a very useful blog for people who are going to long beach. For me, it’s a time to go there.

  4. Teresa says:

    BIG lobster, nice view.

    1. Monoploy says:

      Not only big but the taste is also gorgeous.

  5. remuswang says:

    great!! I want to visit the long beach too

    1. Monoploy says:

      I hope you go there soon. Especially, before the weather is getting crazy.

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