I am in the Publiceye

There is an amazing photography exhibition called “Pubic Eye – 175 Years of sharing photography” in the New York Public Library right now. I took this picture in front of a mirror at the main entrance. I love this one simply because it made me fashionable and special.


No doubt, people can get more benefits from social media at present. Every person is a journalist by smart phone, iPad and camera, which means you have more opportunities to record everything you interested and share with people than ever before. However, in the past, what it happened in the pictures? The propose of this exhibition is to show the history of photography through the contemporary lens of social media. http://www.nypl.org/events/exhibitions/public-eye

A lots of old pictures were present, such as “Posing” – according to Kodak Brownie,  “bunch of women posing, actually people always  doing this thing that we still do today and have fun with”.http://www.cbsnews.com/news/new-york-public-library-public-eye-175-years-of-sharing-photography-exhibition/

A  photographer took a picture that his neighbor was leaning on the window very near to his  home. This is a simple picture for now, but at the time, this one led to a  widely view and dispute on public photograph  cause privacy. Indeed, there are so many various ways to share by public, which brings about a big issue for people to protect their privacy nowadays. Therefore, we have to admit that sharing pictures with public also bring about some problems sometimes. For example, people uploaded their friends pictures or videos online that led to some trouble, which maybe have broken some laws. That is terrible!

In short, social media has a great impact on people’s life. I believe an increasing number of people have online image gallery of themselves in the near future. It is a good way for people to record their happiness and special  moments in their lives.




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