For the first time in 22 years…

Snapchat-8410283280455676737 (2)Goodbyes are never easy. Especially if it is to the person you have lived with throughout your life.From the moment i first opened my eyes shes been  there.

My first everything was with her.  Days started with her and ended with her. She spent endless number of sleepless nights taking care of me during my sickness. She’s loved me and scolded me. Fulfilled all my desires. Guided me .Taught me how to differentiate from what’s right and wrong. Held me during times when I thought I won’t make it through. Protected me so fiercely, that god bless the person who ever tried to hurt me in anyway whatsoever. Words fail to describe what she means to me.  So if it’s my first time at blogging, without even a moment of reconsideration, she definitely deserves to be a part of this. Well I’m sure you all might have guessed it by now. Yes I’m talking about MY MOTHER . Off course being my mom was never easy. I was always a stubborn child. And I’ve had terribly crazy tempers and mood swings. So we have had our fair share of ups and downs. There are times we have had fights. Times when I thought that I should leave the house and never come back. But off course those were temporary. And through all of that also her love for me has never ever decreased.

So well now for the first time in 22 years i am away from her for real. Travelled all the way from India to New York City (12640kms) to start a new journey here.  And I know this is going to be a once in a life time opportunity for me to explore myself, live independently , live through exciting journeys daily, but  I can’t deny that it feels a part of me is missing.

The sound of her voice waking me up daily, home cooked fresh meals and her warm hugs are in the form of  memories right now. I have never been a very expressive child, so I will never ever be able to justify all I feel for her. But this in my own small way is just to say I miss you ma and I love you very much. Thank you for always being there.

Snapchat-8410283280455676737 (2)


4 Comments Add yours

  1. remuswang says:

    great!!! enjoy your life and keep moving on !!!

  2. Monoploy says:

    But it’s good though, I sure you are going to be strong woman from now on. And when you finish everything here just go back to your hometown. And that is the time for to to taking care of her. ^^

  3. reshamp says:

    definitely! thats exactly the plan!:D

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