How To Be A Powerful Girl?

Speaking of girls, which adjectives would you like to use?

Beautiful, sexy, outstanding, interesting, charming, hot, attractive…… 80% adjectives are used for describing girls’ appearances.

How about other words as excellent, diligent, hard-worked, dedicated, ambitious, competitive……Unfortunately, words which represent good personalities and characteristics are seldom used for girls. Are they created for men only?  I guess no.

In spite of the long-history social prejudice against boys and girls, what can girls do to eliminate this complimentary bias?

The answer is clear—–To be a powerful girl.

Well, how to be a powerful girl?

Answers are as follows.

more reading

— Less games, more reading

First, let’s delete games on your phone and download news application and books application. Reading as much as you can, including social and political news, domestic and international news, daily and weekly news as well as major-related or unrelated books.

If you think you are not smart enough, that doesn’t matter sweetie. A wide range of knowledge will equip you and make you strong.

more sports

— Less parties, more sports

Party makes people relaxed and excited, which is undeniable. According to a survey, the reason why people go to club is that they feel bored but energetic. Instead of playing harder to kill time, why not do sports?

Sport is an active way to spend time and build fitness, and also help people to make new friends during exercising. Trust me, the friends made in gym are healthier and more valuable than club’s friends.

more works

— Less laziness, more works

How many times you set an alarm on 7:30am but woke up at 9am ? For me, it just happened in this morning. I was supposed to finish this blog in this early morning before classes, but I failed, then I have to write it after night classes(which is I’m doing right now).

What if I get up early and finish my blogging work as soon as possible? I believe that I will have enough time to read textbooks more specifically and make my resume perfect, which are beneficial for my academic study and internship.

Keep working, conquer laziness. It should be the basic requirement for any well-qualified student and intern.

I strongly believe that when a girl start to do more reading, sports and works, that’s the right time for her to be powerful.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Monoploy says:

    I can tell that it’s yours post, Remus, only after I read the title since I have so many class with you. LoL. By the way, I really like that you opinion about this woman things 🙂

    1. remuswang says:

      Thank you sweetie!! its my pleasure to be your classmate!!

  2. shuangpan says:

    I totally agree with your opinions. actually, I always follow this direction in my life. According to studies, if you have a very clear goal in your life, you would be have a longer-life and more happiness than other people who have not any direction in their whole lives.

    1. remuswang says:

      thank you !! we are in the right ways !!

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