An accelerating heart is a reminder of living; one pump after the other beneath our chest once we have done the unconceivable. Victoria felt it when she finally understood her identity. It wasn’t a self-concept of what he said or she said entitlement, it was more a self-discovery that she hadn’t considered before. A person that she created merely on the ideals she believe in. a person she has envisioned. However, if we introspect back to when the basic question baffled her, as in many of us might at some point, we can empathize with the assumptions and superficial responses. The incongruent individual that you are to the one you would like to be, but who are you? Are you your past self, now self or future self?

The generalizations about a persons by telling a profession, culture, or even religion can lead to peg us to a group that share traits and practices. Just as Victoria by being American is tag as assertive and as a robot that time is money. Values that are intricate to the culture due to the early stages of life, but they aren’t necessarily truth to all. For her, adventure and embracing new things is part of who she is as a person, not as one that pertains to a group. Like her, we all have differences regardless our culture. We were created as complex individuals that react somehow different to our surroundings. Nonetheless, the foundations are the same. When Victoria was a child, she asked her parents, “Who am I?” the answer was simple, “a girl.” Later on they added some adjectives like beautiful, kind . Those for instance were indeed correct because just as her, we hadn’t started experiencing the many firsts of the world. Thereafter, we assume that we “know thyself,” until we are required to answer it in our philosophy class.

She began of course looking some quizzes online like “guess who am I? “But then she realize none of that would really tell her who she is , it is simply based on stereotypes. So, she started off by thinking about her moral, and she remembered that when she was a little kid. she was told how to be respectful at school, to do her homework and chores at home. However, isn’t the same for most of us? As she grew older she started seeing things from her perspective, not her parents or any other individual that surrounded her. All decisions like the plain shirt she wore to school taking into consideration people’s mindset. The latest pop song that she learned the lyrics of to fit in with her peers. The drama series that she binged watched just as the others were doing it. The Clothes, movies, music, and so on, were things that she experimented to understand her preferences, and belong to society. And so, at that age our response to who we are is more of the person that we would like to be. We work on self-discovery by exploring the world, and deciding whether we like something or not. Therefore her answer was based on her preferences and experiences.

Later on in life we behave in accordance to the unwritten rules of society. We forget how to be foolish; to act as no one is watching. We start to please the world and not ourselves. When Victoria was about to start college, she still was in a constant discovery because we contemplate the question. We start slightly worrying about the future and the impact that our decisions might have. We recklessly experience things in order to uncover the shades of our emotions, way of love , hate , bravery and so on. Thus, Victoria started uncovering her passions by chipping away piece by piece to discover the masterpiece. That’s when she decided to start an epic journey of crossing borders to find herself. She started feeling that her brain was active. Everything was disruptive to what she already knew. She felt the excitement of stepping out of her comfort zone and ignored social judgment. Her heart was the answer of living her identity. She is someone who doesn’t follow the current. Her self-discovery never ends. We are the same body that transcends through time, but it changes to be enhanced without losing our essence.

Us as individuals don’t know where we are headed, but will our future self be proud of what we have done? Nowadays, we misplace who we are in the monotonous. We settle for what is expected from society. Though, the only way to answer this question trustfully is until we experience ourselves to the fullest. Otherwise, it turns out to be our profession and where we come from. Therefore, I urge you to step in to the unknown, and let me know who do you think you are? And when was the last time you woke with excitement for life?


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  1. sarahhjorthol says:

    This is an excellent point, Bianca. We all ask yourselves this question, and when we think about it, are we really our authentic selves? Or are we someone society wants us to be?

    1. biancaAvila says:

      So glad that you understood it perfectly. Which one would you considered yourself?

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