The Only Road from NY to NJ for Cyclists


For bicycle riders, there is nothing better than living in New York. Although New York is not the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, all the main roads and bridges with specific green bike route make cyclists have more choices and safety when choosing their own way for commute and travel. With less strict traffic rules to follow, beginners may find that it is very easy to hit the road after buying their new bikes, and it is the time for them to travel easily around all 5 boroughs in New York City, including the Staten Island.

Here comes the question, one day when you are bored with clumsy traffic, monotonous street views and skylines in NY and want to try something new, where is the closest and easiest place to go, with hills, shores and nice restaurants, for non-well-off bicycle riders?

The answer will be New Jersey. NJ, with better air quality and entertaining hills, is really close to Manhattan, NY. Unlike Brooklyn and Queens with a dozen bridges connecting to Manhattan, the only way from NY to NJ is by George Washington Bridge(map). The road there is a little bit confusing, and only West 178th Street(map) will work. All you need to do is riding north along the riverside, turning right to the West 178th Street, and through a narrow bike path gate. It might be hard to find for the first time, but after you know the entrance of that narrow bike path, there you go. You are on the bridge!

The view along the riverside, on the bridge, and in NJ will definitely worth this long and hard trip.

There will be a lot of cyclists with you along the way who also find the amazingness of cycling in NJ. Hope you enjoy too!



Photos by Yiqun (Richard) Li


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  1. efratshamban says:

    This was such an interesting post. I didn’t know you could bike to New Jersey. Although I am not a really a biker I do enjoy gorgeous skylines especially in the summer, so I might just have to find a way to fit biking into my routine.

    1. Yeah! I think you should try! One hint: Biking in New York can be dangerous sometimes. Always remember to wear your helmet before hitting the road!

  2. Kewen Chen says:

    It is a long cycling trip from New York to New Jersey. Your post is interesting for me. I like hiking and cycle ride too.

    1. Great! Maybe we can take a trip on weekend. I am planning to ride to Roosevelt Island this Sunday. Do you have any plan?

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