Tribute to all the Mothers out there!

They say ”It’s a man’s world”  but believe me, it’s nothing without a wapril-723028_640oman – especially mothers! The woman, with particular reference to selfless mothers; is an important factor in human existence.
Being a woman is one thing but agreeing and allowing oneself to be a mum goes a long way, because the act of motherhood is a selfless act that demands a lot of courage and guts.

This mothers day brings back memories of my childhood and the numerous sacrifices my mum made to make me who I am today. I remember my mom returning from a hard day’s job and making us dinner, without having to eat anything herself. The sound of her grumbling stomach, as she watched us eat (she having to stay hungry because the meal wasn’t enough for everyone) is a sound I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Yet, in the midst of that hardship, mom wouldn’t forget to pray to God in heartfelt petition, that all would be well with her children.


I knew Mom made huge sacrifices for us  but I didn’t know how much those sacrifices were worth until I became a  mum myself. This experience made me more appreciative, more humbled and more thankful to my mother for keeping me, for not getting rid of me after conception, and for giving me a shot at life’ – life being the ultimate gift!


My mum was a rare gem, she was my star, my moulder and my inspiration – she made me the success I am today. Whenever I remember the Lessons from my mum, I know that I’ll always be on the right path.
Although she left me some six years ago, I know her legacy remains. Though a single mum, she gave me all that i needed to become a good mother to my children – for this I thank her.

For selling her jewelries, so i could be educated, for taking heavy loads to support me in school, for seeing me when everyone else saw my flaws, and for not hesitating to put me right whenever i went wrong way, I  thank you, Mama.
So here is a tribute to all the mothers, grandmothers, and virtuos women out there: you all are truly the best! You are the preservers of posterity and keepers of God’s universe. You truly rock!

And to my mom, all i have to say is  “Adieu Mama, till we meet again”.


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