Where are you going in summer part Ⅱ– Food


Last week I introduced some nice places where in Qinghai, and I’m very glad because some friends comment that they want to visit there. Speaking of travel which makes our to think about food. And yes, it’s a very important part to someone who love traveling. Ir’s part of culture. I’m not Elizabeth Gilbert so I can’t write a good book or article like”Eat, Pray, Love”. But I will try my best and show you guys what I like and famous food in Qinghai.

First of all, most of people  in Qinghai like street food rather than go to some expensive restaurant.  We really like spicy because the very in Qinghai is cold even in summer is not warm, and in order to keep ourselves warm we eat spicy food. Because Qinghai is in Northwest, and the food there is quite similar with Xi’an if any friends went to eat  Xi’an Famous Foods before you will know.

1. Lamb shashlik



I’m always a big fan of meat, and Qinghai’s lamb is very famous in China. Those lamb shashlik restaurants are almost owned by Muslim people. The cost isn’t that cheap compare to anther foods in Qinghai, but it still cheap to you guys. If you ordered that much like the picture and only cost you about 40 dollars.  The lamb shashlik  restaurants open from 5:00 PM till 2:00 in the midnight, and we usually go there at 9:00 PM and order some beers too.

2. Mian Pian


I don’t know how to introduce this and even a lot of people who are not come from Qinghai  don’t know what Mian Pian is. It looks like a kinds of Chinese noodles but we don’t think so. This is not spicy but if you want you can put so. And it’s very cheap just 2 or 3 dollars.

3. Lanzhou Ramen


I don’t know why Japanese Ramen is famous in NY. I believe the origin of Ramen is China, even though Wikipedia said that ”the origin of Ramen is unclear. In Japanese Ramen is ”ラーメン” and its in Katakana, Japan only use Katakana when the words are from overseas. (I’ve been lived in Japan for four years, so I know). Which means this word is from outside instead of Japan. And actually Ramen has Kanji, yes it’s Mandarin.

Sorry guys, too much about origin things. I know it sounds weird to Chinese that Lanzhou is not in Qinghai but still introduce Lanzhou Ramen. Lanzhou and Qinghai are really near like Jersey City and New York, so our food have a lot common. Lanzhou Ramen in Qinghai is tasty too.



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