Visit Coney Island this summer!


Coney Island in Brooklyn is a curious and fun place to visit. It has a very rich history and many things to do. By beach standards, I have to admit it is a bit dirty, but it is very easy to get here and the boardwalk and pier are wonderful to walk along. The D,F,N, and Q trains all go to the Coney Island – Stillwell Avenue stop which is just across the street from the ocean.


There’s the famous Cyclone rollercoaster that was built in 1927,  and Deno’s Wonder Wheel to ride, as well as plenty of new, fun rides that have gone up in Luna Park. Aside from the Cyclone there is a new rollercoaster called Thunderbolt that begins by going straight up and coming straight back down. You will never get me on that, but it’s fun to watch people ride and hear them scream. Other thrill rides have recently been added as well: Steeplechase where you ride a horse around the looped tracks, Soarin’ Eagle where you can feel as if you are a flying bird, and there is also now a Go – Kart track. There are games to play like Whac-a-Mole, Water Racer, and located in the Luna Arcade is my favorite game of all – Skee-Ball!


There are plenty of yummy things to eat as well, you can find my favorites there such as Fried Oreos and Funnel cakes, but also ice cream, cotton candy, pizza, burgers, fries, corn on the cob and fried clams. The original Nathan’s Famous hot dog stand is also still there. They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, chili cheese fries, beer, soda and even frog legs! On July 4th every year they have a hot dog eating contest that thousands of people attend. Also, sometime in June, they will begin having free fireworks on the beach every Friday up until about the end of August. I love to go to these. You can see the fireworks from anywhere along the beach and you can sit wherever you want. It’s a wonderful way to spend a Friday night, listening to the sounds of the midway and watching the waves before the fireworks begin. I would highly recommend visiting here at least once because it’s well worth your time!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. apeureux says:

    It seems to be a very funny place which we have to see in NY! I hope to go there before leaving the city on the end of May.

    1. trbills says:

      You definitely should! It has a lot of quirky things to see and a really fun vibe.

  2. marinemarcenac says:

    I love Coney Island too! It’s funny to have the beach so close from the city. It’s a tradition for us to go to Nathan’s to eat an hot dog and drink a fresh lemonade. Sooo tasty!!

    1. trbills says:

      I have a Nathan ‘ s tradition too, going once a year for a chili dog and cheese fries! Terrible for you but sooo yummy. Glad to see someone else who appreciates a Coney Island visit!

  3. hridya01 says:

    Wow! Looks like a fun place. I always take the D train but never knew it leads to such a fun place. Definitely have to try it out.

    1. trbills says:

      One sunny, nice day you should get on the D train headed to Coney Island and just stay on it. Last stop is the best stop. Have fun!

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