Do not Smoke Your Life!

无标题1This is an anti-smoking advertisement. The scene is set in the bedroom. We can judge the time from the picture that it’s night with the bed lamps put on both sides on. On this picture, there is an arm like a cigarette —- the end of the arm is a burning cigarette end and the hand is holding a burning cigarette. It’s a woman’s arm. The atmosphere in the whole bedroom is yellow. Although yellow gives everyone the feeling of sunshine and warmth, I feel a bit depressed and seem to lose something seeing this picture.

The background of this ad is well set. The bedroom is where everyone spends the most of their life. This means the smokers may die in their dreams, even not realizing the cause. Then the whole atmosphere is a little dark, yellow light, gray and white sheet and pale wallpaper. Created well, all the backgrounds interpret the feeling of sadness and pressured. Finally, the key point is the hand. The appearance of the woman’s hand is a cigarette. It’s rare for a woman to smoke and the ad chooses the woman character to express the severe phenomenon of smoking. Even though the arm is burning like a cigarette, the hand is still holding the lighted cigarette. This conveys that the smokers are extremely addicted in smoking and they have become poisoned.

Literally, this advertisement is against smoking. It tells the smokers or those who don’t smoke the grave consequences of smoking. The disaster develops slowly, especially the one caused by smoking. No one knows when they will get ill or even die because the disaster is forming with the unseen when smoking. After a long time, they are very likely to fall down. Encourage the smokers around you or far away from you to stop smoking and protect themselves at once!


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