Apple Watch : first defects!



The Apple Watch, the long-awaited Apple SmartWatch was launched in April 10th. For the first time, Apple only offers the online sales in order to buy is new product. It’s very surprising for the Apple fans, who normally lined up one week before the launch of each product in order to possess it. Moreover, Tim Cook did not mentioned the fact that it will be only an online sales during the Keynote on March 9th.

The delivery of the apple watch is taking more time than expected. Indeed, according to The Wall Street Journal, a main component of the Apple Watch made by a suppliers was defective. This issue limit the availability of the new product. However, certain celebrities already receive and wear the watch such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Karl Lagerfeld, Drake, Kid Cudi, Anna Wintour, Pharrell William, and co.

Another defect was noticed the week. In fact, the Apple Watch does not work on people with wrist tattoos. Apple does not seem to have anticipated this issue. On very dark tattoos, the sensors on the back of the watch do not function correctly. However, these sensors are really important because the Apple Watch functions in relation with our skins. Because of the tattoos, the watch does not detect the skin, and so constantly disconnect. Apple watch’s owners with wrist tattoos must constantly re enter their code in order to use the watch. Moreover, the heart rate sensor also does not work for the same reason.

Only one possible solution for the Apple watch’s owners with wrist tattoos: wear the Watch on the other wrist. For the other, just wait for the 2nd generations, because I’m sure that Apple will find the solution for this issue


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