From Paris to Lille 2/2



If you have time during your trip in Paris, I advise you to take the train to go to Lille to the North of France, which is only in fifty minutes by train from Paris. You could spent two or three days to discover this wonderful area, which has been elected the friendliest region of France as people are so warm and nice. The city is sublime because architectures are very typically with colorful stones, old churches and the carillon sound. Lille is also known for its crazy parties as the city is made of fifty percent of students, so it is a young, dynamic and human city. If I were you, I will take advantage of being close to the border to go to Belgium in fifteen minutes away by car, so you could discover another country in Europe. You could enjoy the best fries of the world with a welsh, which is a speciality with a bread slice soaked with beer, ham and melted cheddar in by drinking a beer made by trappist monks.

I hope that these advice will help you for your trip and that you will enjoy my country. If you have any other questions, please ask me. I know some nice people who will be happy to show you their city either in Paris, or in Lille, and even in Belgium. Enjoy your trip !


4 Comments Add yours

  1. yzhao18 says:

    Sounds great!!! I will if I have time.

    1. gmarit says:

      Cool ! Have you planned to go to Paris soon ? 🙂

  2. alinewbr says:

    YES ! I agree 😀 Lille is a beautiful town to visit during trips in Paris!

    1. gmarit says:

      Haha ! I am so happy that a french girl agree with me with that point.

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