Were going to travel where?

I think we all have seen the classic star wars movies and have always dreamed of living in a place called cloud city, a city that floats along in the sky’s of some far away planet. Seems to be just science fiction, but what if this was actually a reality? As i was looking through my face book feed this week something pretty cool caught my attention. it was under the article title ” NASA wild airship idea for cloud cities on Venus”…so your telling me were going to be on Venus!??cool.. The design is reminiscent of the air shipsvenus-cloud-citythat we have here but will float above the plant Venus with a very different feel. not to be a downer but at this point this is just a study and not as concrete as the mars missions that Nasa is planning in the upcoming years. But this is the future and we have to take a look at what we want to do rather than what we can now. THe interesting part is the phases that this mission will have According to Space.com there will be 5 missions. Mission one will be an unmanned mission to the skys of Venus, in phase two astronauts will spend 30 days in orbit around Venus, phase 3 will include 4 crew members living in the atmosphere for 1 year and 30 days and lastly the biggest wow factor would be to start a floating colony up there. Nasa recently released a demo video of what this would actually look like and it is amazing. it can be found here Above Venus. Take a look at this and tell me what you think. would you want to live above the clouds in Venus? will our generation ever see this?

maybe one day it will look like star wars 


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