The Age of Adaline: a beautiful movie but predictable!

I saw The Age of Adaline this week-end and I strongly advise you to see it.tumblr_nfku5rhF0f1tyqzbho1_500This film was released on April, 24 2015. The main actors are famous. In fact, Adaline is performed by Blake Lively, who is famous thanks to « Gossip Girl ». There are also Michiel Huisman, who play in « Game of Thrones », and Harrison Ford.The film was written by J.Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz.

The Age of Adaline is an epic and Fantasy romance. Indeed, the film relate the story and the atypical life of Adaline. Adaline is victim of an accident, which changes her life forever. She is stuck at the same age since this accident. She has 29 years old for nearly 8 decades. She must hide herself in order to keep her secret. She can’t have friends, keep in touch with her daughter and fall in love; However, the destiny has decided otherwise and her secret is going to be in danger. How is Adaline going to deal with it?

In my opinion, it’s a beautiful movie but I am not impartial because I love romantic movie !! The realization is very well done. However, we can guess the end of the movie as we discovered the scenes of the movie. Everything is predictable.


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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    It seems that I can enjoy great plot and actors there, yes I will go watch it!

    1. alinewbr says:

      Yes ! I advise you to watch it 😀

  2. Hali says:

    Saw it. Loved it. Stunning and so sweet.

  3. mvanomme says:

    I’m also looking forward to seeing this but also agree that movies like this can often be predictable. I just like the feel-good endings which is why I continue to go watch movies like this.

    1. alinewbr says:

      Nice ! I hope that you ‘re gong to enjoy it and its ending 🙂

  4. yzhao18 says:

    I always come across the trailer of this movie these days during the advertising time before other videos but I never figure out the name of the movie. The trailer quite attracts me and I will absolutely go to enjoy it!

    1. alinewbr says:

      Yes, we often see the trailer during the advertising time 🙂 it’s a beautiful movie you have to watch it 🙂 and you are going to enjoy it 🙂

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