Eventually Find out that NBA is still my favorite

I have already forgotten that it has been a while since the last time I watched an entire NBA game.

I cannot tell the reasons very clearly. Maybe it was because my busy life, maybe something more highlighted distracted my attention, or maybe it is because I have become a tennis player 1 year ago. However, when I began to focus on this NBA playoff, I found out that I was still very interested in it. I was still who I was 8 years ago.

I checked the details of the scoring of this playoff and found that Dallas Mavericks, which was my favorites team, turned out a 0-2 fall behind in the first round game with Huston Rocket. If it was 4 or 5 years ago, I would complain the players and coaching team, but now, I fell like that I have been more soft about this, just like some of Mavericks players get older and become soft to the results of games.

2057642391-dirk-nowitzki-2d0iq7tzfuefAs for now, the first thing I will care about is the heath of some game changers, such as Tim Duncan and my favorite super start Dirk Nowitziki. The health problem is always the most terrible problem to many super stars in NBA, especially after they are 30 years old and some of them might meet the problem much easier. The game is a war field, I truly hope that they can be healthy, because I think their health will be the only thing I will care about in the future. After all, the days we can be with them are getting less and less, and I think that is such a bad and sad thing to me as well as most fans.


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