The Best Things In Life Are Not Free

I have come to realize that the saying, the best things in life are free, is a total lie.  8671399450_b8c5a53a37_kIts not true, it cannot be. Everything that is worth anything in life, comes through work. Here are a few examples of things people say are free that actually are not.


1. Relationships

Relationships are great and amazing, but if you want any relationship to work and be fulfilling to both people involved, then you have to work for it. You have to be selfless on occasions when you just want to have things go your way. You have to be giving and thoughtful. I’ve had great chemistry with certain friendships, where I really liked the person but the friendship never lasted long because neither of us were taking the time to call the other person. Or I’ve had friendships that were almost gone and then all of a sudden revived again because one of us decided to start taking caring actions towards the other person, like calling frequently, going out of the way to help out, and taking time to be there in the hard times. Romantic relationships take even more work and involvement. These relationships come to a point when you do these loving actions out of choice, and not out of hormonal hype.


2. Food

I consider food to be one of the best things in life. It is not free at all. A couple days ago, I made the mistake of buying a delicious salad and not looking at the price before I ordered (I really don’t know how I missed the price ???) It was $30.00! The worst part is that it wasn’t even at a fancy restaurant, so I would at least get a nice ambiance.

That’s just a silly example, but really, if you want good food, you better be working and making money to pay for it.


3. The Love of Pets

Animals are so cute and they love you no matter what. But just because they love you at your worst, does not mean their love is free. You have to feed them, and walk them, and take them to the vet, and pick up after them. I love dogs, I have a beagle named Sandy, but honestly, pets are like a baby that will never grow up. If you want to feel the love of an animal, prepare yourself to do a lot of work.


4. Feeling of Confidence

There are people who are naturally more confident than others. Those people have tested the waters at some point and proved themselves that they could handle something and that gave them more confidence. Whether its a little kid who jumps from a high place and lands fine, who then goes on to keep jumping because he knows he can do it or a shy person who has a great conversation with someone and that leads to him becoming more open about his opinions and thus more talkative and less shy.What is confidence? it is knowing that we are capable of something, what ever it is; social stuff, athletics, business things, anything. In order to feel confident we have to have a proven record of having accomplished something, this is just between you and you. So in order to feel confident about anything it takes trying it, and if you’re not good then trying and trying again until you are good at it. You have to work hard for this one.


5. Beauty

Many people consider beauty to be one of the best things in life, whether its a flower, a pretty face or a work of art. In order to have beauty there must be work. You have to plant the flower, paint the painting or sculpt the sculpture, and for a pretty face you have to take care of it so that it stays pretty and doesn’t break out or wrinkle.

Here are a few links for the work it takes to make beauty happen:


In the words of my micro-economics professor, who was quoting someone else, “There is no free lunch!” I think the reason why people say these things are free, is because they bring so much joy, that we do the work willfully and happily.




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  1. mvanomme says:

    This is a very interesting perspective but I kind of disagree. I feel like that saying is meant to be subjective. What I may consider to be the best thing in life may be completely different than what you think is the best thing in life. But in general I think that this is an interesting concept.

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