What has this world come to?


Photo credit: flickr/Thorbjørn Kühl
Photo credit: flickr/Thorbjørn Kühl

Since this class has such a major focus on social media, I’m sure that you have all heard of the latest and greatest act of stupidity amongst today’s youth. That’s right, you guessed it! I’m talking about the Kylie Jenner Challenge. For those who may not be familiar with what I am talking about, this challenge involves people taking a bottle shaped object and pursing their lips together while sucking the air from the object causing their lips to swell, in turn making them look like Kylie Jenner’s lips. A bunch of videos showing these immature individuals have quickly gone viral. Some appear to be harmless while others have had some mishaps which look extremely painful. I have seen quite a few challenges become viral in the past that truly are idiotic at best including the fire challenge,  the cinnamon challenge and the ice bucket challenge but this challenge is not only dumb but also hurtful to a fairly innocent 16 year old girl. We have been able to see just how cruel people can be while using social media over the years but now you mix the cruelty with pure stupidity and this is what we get. I really wonder if people these days have a mind of their own. What are your thoughts on this modern day foolery?


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  1. stephosma says:

    Yes, I agree. It is absolutely stupid. I actually read an article that showed how dangerous it actually is. Apparently, you are breaking your blood vessels to get this “look” and one it is really bad for your health and two, it actually permanently deflates your lips.

    1. mvanomme says:

      Exactly! but kids now a days will do anything to fit in. They dont think about the long term effects.

  2. alinewbr says:

    I agree too ! I do not understand why they are doing this ! it’s just stupid ! I saw some picture which show that certain people had some trouble with the effect.

    1. mvanomme says:

      Yeah. I saw one boy tried it with a glass bottle and the bottle broke and split his whole top lip. It’s so sad!

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