Web Broadcast


Almost each country in the world is in the process of industrial modernization. Digitalization and networked has become the theme and the main line of the development of the radio and TV technology. The so-called web radio is to use the web to spread radio programs and the audience can freely choose the programs all over the world.

Web broadcast can be divided into two forms —– live and on-demand. Live is mainly used in the immediate report of big events. It’s an online transfer model of the actual programs shown on radio or TV. Its advantage lies in its strong timeliness and the users can be accessible to any information at first time. On-demand is to cut the program into several parts and you can choose what you like according to the titles or categories. This form saves the resources and it’s more selective and targeted.

By now, there have been over 100 radio stations that establish their independent websites in our country. Its advantage is that its spread cost is lower and the key point is that it changes the history that the radio can only transmit the sound. Instead, it provides the space of graphics, videos, texts and links and makes the radio develop in diversified areas. Even it can provide interactivity such as news bulletin boards and chat rooms. There is no doubt that it’s a platform to attract the audience of a new generation. These improvements make listeners do other things while listening to programs. A listener orders a printer from the link on the web broadcast website after listening to a computer printer advertisement. Web broadcast closes the distance between consumers and advertisers and they both become more interactive. Such kind of extended ability of the media can be put into use in other respects. For example, people can be trained and educated through web broadcast. Then the files can be reached and the ways of payment can be chosen through the related links. Communicate with the trainers or educators and acquire any other information on it.

Every coin has two sides. Therefore, many problems come about with the growth of the web broadcast. Most radio websites in our country are still in the primary stage and technical support is not enough. They are often out of favor due to the low speed. Another is the restriction in the user market. The audience on the Internet must be willing to pay for the Internet fee and sit in front of the computer for a long time. Only when they are familiar with the operation of the complex system can they listen to web broadcast. All of these are the barriers set on the way of the development. In a word, there is still a large space for promotion in many cities.

One is that the radio and television can find their own position in the network and then take the advantage of Internet superiority in spreading information to make up for the radio’s time-limited, one-way and linear. Moreover, to establish characteristic professional websites to gather the audience of the same taste is a good idea. Many aspects provide powerful support for this move —– the audience’s custom, the professional team in the radio station to collect important information and the last but not the least, the honesty. Only by building a truly interactive and distinctive website that realizes the communication between listeners online and listeners and web personnel can web broadcast surprises. Apparently, radio and television is still a rising industry and has a bright future


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