Is anyone listening?

Have you ever interacted with someone and wondered if they heard or understood anything that you said?  Well I often question that of people and found that for various reasons people like this go unsuspected for long periods of time. In my Media and Culture class, we read a boois anyone listening.k called “Being There” by Jerzy Kosinski and throughout the book we followed a character who knew little to nothing about life and social interactions but was able to make great social advancements in such a short amount of time by simply saying and doing “nothing”. So I, along with a group of my peers decided to engage in a conversation with strangers about various topics and randomly use a metaphor (which had little to no relation to the topic at hand) to explain a point of view and see if the unsuspecting individuals would agree or disagree with what we had to say or even catch on to what we were doing.

I believe that people are more concerned with getting their own thoughts, views and opinions out that sometimes they do not hear what the other person is saying. Another thought is that people are inherently nice and do not want to correct or put a person on the spot when they say something that makes no sense. You can be the judge of what you think is going on here. Just check out the video of our social experiment and share your thoughts on why you believe these interactions played out the way that they did.


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