I’m So Excited! I Have My Own Blog!

So after blogging for this class and blogging for my job, I have decided I actually really like blogging and social media. I am officially a convert. I used to be the person that tried to avoid Facebook and did not want to open another social media account because I thought it was pointless. Now, I actually see the point to it. So I decided to have my own blog, it’s called Classy Fun Chic, here is the link: http://classyfunchic.com. Making it look professional takes a lot more work than I expected, but its ok because its so fun. Check it out, its mainly for women but I would love it if all of you took a look at it and tell me your thoughts on it, since we are all learning about blogging. Also, if you want to share it,like it or follow it, I would really appreciate it!!!

Here is a picture from my blog




I hope you like it!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. apeureux says:

    You’re right to open a blog if you like it!! Also it could be a great adventure. I don’t have blog but I like going through these, mainly when they talk about travels, fashion or lifestyle. I will visited yours ASAP!

    1. stephosma says:

      Thank you! I hope you like it. It certainly has been an adventure to get content on a daily basis.

  2. hridya01 says:

    All the best. It looks great. Hope you have fun blogging.

  3. stephosma says:

    Thank you, yes actually its been really fun!

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