Dallas buyers club, fight for life

Film Recommendation Day! Dallas buyers club, This is a film about rebels struggling for surviving. Ron Woodroof was told he got HIV and just has 30 days to live. He made friends with Rayon who is a homosexual during the therapy process. In this film, there are many discrimination conflicts. HIV patient and homosexual are the minority in the society, who are not accepted by the public. People look down upon them and never treat them as common people. There is a scene that Woodroof met an old friend in the supermarket. He asked his friend to greet with Rayon, but the men insulted Rayon as he discriminated homosexual. Woodroof fight him and forced him to greet and show respect to Rayon, which made Rayon feel moved and warm. They set up the true friendship from then on. When I saw this film, I feel unfairness. Hospital used the so-called approved medicine because of the business factors. Why doesn’t the patient have right to determine what medicine he should take? I think people have right to make decision about their own body. it is the basic right to be a human being. The hospital can give suggestions, but they don’t have right to force patient to take the medicine they want. Woodroof stood out and fight against the FDA. He used his own way to live longer than the doctor predicted and even he helped a lot of HIV patients to live longer. As the times going, things changed. Many illegal freedom that people want was achieved with the endeavor of these rebels. People fighting for themselves was the driving force to push forward the development of the society.


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