Opening soon of the new highest viewpoint in New York

A new observatory in New York is going to open on May, 29th. In fact, the freedom TowIMG_2057-1er is going to open the One World Observatory. This observatory is located on the 100th floor of the Freedom Tower. It is going to be the highest viewpoint. Even if the Empire State Building Observatory is almost as high the One World Observatory. However, the view will be completely different. Indeed, the One World Observatory is near the Hudson River so it will be a good spot, especially to see the sunset. In my opinion, the Empire State will be also observable. However, I wonder if we’ll be able to see Central Park. But we ‘ll be able to see the Statue of Liberty 😀

The One World Observatory will be a new experience. First, the elevators will be able to take only 60 seconds to ascend the 102nd Floor! Amazing !! Moreover, we will be able to experience a virtual time-lapse, which will recreate the development of NY’s  skyline from the 1600s to present day. Furthermore, the One World Observatory will offer several amenities like restaurants and a gallery.

Tickets are available right now for the opening. The admission charge will be more expensive than in the other observatory. In fact, the price is $32 for an adult.

See below a sneak peek of One World Observatory and explore it !



2 Comments Add yours

  1. applelara says:

    thanks for sharing this info ! im looking forward to it !

  2. alinewbr says:

    You’re welcome !

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