The Lord of the Rings in Concert

Last Tuesday I saw the award-winning film The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship on the Rings in concert at the David H. Koch Theatre.

6.30 – I entered the Theatre – the heart beat wildly – was looking around me and discovering this marvelous spot. I were excited as the first time I had received a gift. I asked for a champagne glass J and drunk it as quick as I can.

6.45 – My friend and I found our seats. The Theatre is so impressive and giant. I was amazed. In front of us, a large orchestra of 200 people – at the forefront: cello players, violin players, bass players, trombone players – at the background: all the singers. In front of us, a large screen similar to a cinema screen. I had chills.

7.00 – The film begins – people applaud with enthusiasm – my heart is beating more and more. Suddenly we heard the cello players – then the chorus. What beautiful it is.

During 3 hours, orchestra plays and during 3 hours I hold my breath. I never see such performance. It was fantastic and I think I will remember it all my life.



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