Living life or Missing out on life’s best moments?

People say go out and live your life. And that is what we all want to do. We leave behind our family, our friends, our home and venture out to explore new horizons, new opportunities, a new country. A country which gives us new wings to fly, new dreams to see and honestly gives us the best it has to offer. We would probably not get a better opportunity back home.. a foreign degree, a dream job and a better lifestyle. What else do we need right?

But just a thought. Are we really living our lives or are we missing out on the best moments of our lives? Little moments with our loved ones which really make our lives worth living, fill our lives with joy and our heart with millions of memories. Ofcourse we have the internet, we can talk to them, see them everyday and share every minute detail of our life with them. But is this online interaction the same as a physical conversation?

small-joys-quote (2)We might go back home every once in a while, but are we not missing out on the moments we really wanted to be a part of? Moments we wanted to capture and treasure for the rest of our lives.

It is when you miss your best friend’s wedding and your sister delivering her first child that you really question, ‘What is it that is more important in life?’ And just when you are pondering over it you come across a website (See Your Folks) which shockingly calculates the number of times you would meet your parents before they die. Now this is definitely not the kind of reality check I was looking for.


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