Review on “the graduate” , melody of our youth


I have heard about “the graduate”this film  ten years ago, as I really love the background music “Scarborough Fair”, which encourage me to watch this classical movie again at present.

This is a good film that describes the love of the teenagers and they try to fight against the adult’s world. In that film, the graduate, Ben, was confused and had no direction in the future. He was pressured by his parents and neighbors . Everyone asked him about plan in the future. What impressed me a lot is the scene that Ben was asked to dive in the water. Here the scene was described by the first person angle and it shows the parents’ facial expression by the angle Ben sees behind the mask. They ceaselessly speaking but we can not hear what they are talking, but the deep breath sounds. It brings us a deeply oppressive feeling that just like Ben’s mood. He try to dive in the deep of the water to escape from everything. Faced with the seducing of Mrs.Robinson, Ben was confused and he didn’t know whether he should refuse or not. Actually he corrupted and have sex with Mrs.Robinson. Mrs.Robinson is also a poor lady, she had dream as well when she was young, but it was denied by the reality. In that wrong relationship, Mrs.Robinson try to manipulate Ben. She seduced Ben not because she loves him, but to try to prove she is still young. Ben was confused and felt guilty about the wrong relationship. When he met Elaine, the pretty and pure daughter of Mrs.Robinson, he fell into love with her. But when the truth float up, Elaine choose to leave and marry another man that she doesn’t love. Faced with the hindering of their parents, Ben doesn’t give up and he tries his best to take Elaine out of the church.

From this film, we can see the process of the teenagers’ growth from being confused to being mature and steadfast. It just like the Americans in that age. In 1960s, people was confused in the turbulent society: anti-war movement, civil rights movements, and Vietnam War.


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