STUDY ABOARD, what for?

Before I study aboard I thought I can meet a lot friends from different countries and also can learn the local culture in abroad.

I’ve been study aboard twice, for the first time was in Japan and the second is this time in USA.  When I was in Japan I didn’t feel  too much financial  pressure because I had full fellowship and also I did part time.IMG_0824 In general, I had good time in Japan so I really cherish that time. And I made a lot of friends, someone may think making friends there is easy but believe me make friends with Japanese is way difficult than you think, except people who comes from ”western ” so they don’t have that problem of making Japanese friends. However, Japan shaped me a lot  such as values and personality.

After my four years study I came back to China and got a job. I thought I could settle down and turns out I could’t  get coustom to the life in China anymore. I guess it’s because culture re-shock some sort of this thing. Eventually after thousands times struggling with myself I decide to take a risk and come to the USA.

Study in America is more difficult than Japan and a lot of different with there. But I found one thing in common which is international students’ network. When I was in Japan I saw most of Chinese students are always network with their groups and so do the other countries. And the same phenomenon in America too , all I see is that most of Chinese are hanging out with Chinese, and not only Chinese but also Korean,   French and Indian.  And that makes no differences of study in our own country.

Study aboard, what for?



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  1. stephosma says:

    Why do you say that studying in America is more difficult, in what way?

    1. mona01fm says:

      When I was in Japan, and the school took care of everything of international students but in America they don’t. Besides America’s tuition is reallllllly expensive.

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