An incident during dinner two days ago, reminded me  of life and some of the things my mum taught me growing up. Seeing my kids arguing over the movie Frozen was really the “Aha moment” for me.

First Lesson from my mum is to pray. While I love to pray and worship, I must give the credit to my mum who made me love this exercise. She always believed that  every individual should have a form of communicating with the Highest; (‘the back bone’ she called it) the line which connects us to deity, it must not be broken. One good thing is that prayer has nothing to do with culture or race but belief and determination. Everyone could communicate to God if they belief HE exists.
Second lesson from my mum is the Appreciation of life! She said life is too short for all the stress. Work hard, study, be successful but have time to enjoy your labor. My daughter, she said, ‘big or outstanding success is everyone’s dream but there are tiny moments, little success (like raising good and respectful children) that could make you enjoy life to the fullest’. Just the realization that you didn’t fail as a parent is really something to smile about.
So here I was pretending like I wasn’t enjoying the scene of my children having healthy argument,  listening with pleasure as they argued trying to create new outcome of the movie Frozen. My seven years old son was earnestly considering giving the character ‘Hunt’ a second chance, arguing that mummy said we should forgive others and give them another chance. My nine years old daughter on the other hand gave a vehemently No! Backing her assertion with ‘mummy also said some people will not change’. Well  I did teach them things on a daily bases but I will be honest to say, I didn’t know they were listening.
The third lesson from my mum is: Always give a parable to answers that may put you in an awkward situations. My mum used parables most of the times to teach us. For those who didn’t know, parable is equivalent to what they call metaphor. Most times it gives people the answer they seek without putting you in a bad light especially if they seek answer to critical situations. Don’t out rightly say do this or do that but use a parable and let them decide what answer to take. She said people always know what they want to do but most times want to share the decision making process, just incase there is catastrophe, the blame would be on the shoulders of the adviser.
The fourth lesson from my mum is: Never trash your spouse with your friends, no matter what! It’s unfortunate that the gender guilty of this act is mostly the feminine gender. Mama taught me many things a grown woman should know but her emphasis was on protecting the image of one’s spouse. She said a good friend is one who would help his/her friend maintain the dignity of their friend’s spouse. A good friend shouldn’t be the one that seats with you to trash your spouse but the one would turns on the light, by pointing out why you fell in love.
The fifth lesson from my mum among many others is: Every coin has two sides. Give some benefits of the doubt before closing any door. This door could be of friendship, marriage, carrier etc. She say using one of her parables that ”if one person saw a tiny snake in the forest, the person may come back to say he saw a very gigantic snake but if a second person gives his own account it could just be a tiny snake” perception of things, they say. Don’t take any information hook line and sinker, do your own research, collect every fossil of truth before closing that door, especially the door of relationships.
Well these were the words of an old woman hope you found wisdom in them, thanks for your time.

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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    We should all thanks to our life. I think your mom is such a great teacher to you!

  2. adiepriye says:

    @zaaronnnnnn, Life is truly a gift that should be appreciated, for without life nothing will be accomplished. And yes!, my mum was such a great teacher.
    Have a great day.

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