Conflicts in Survivor


Survivor is a reality show which is conducted all around the world. In this program, the participants must compete to survive relying on limited tools in a particular environment.

The conflicts in the program are revealed in two aspects. One is the conflict between human beings and natural environment and another is the conflict between person and person. These two conflicts are not produced naturally. They are set by people and based on the compulsivity of the game rules and the lure of huge amount of money.

To strengthen the conflict between human kind and natural environment, the production team sets the location on a deserted island, wh08f790529822720eaa6942817fcb0a46f21fab22ere has no abundant fruit. The participants are even required not to carry food with them. What they can do is just like Robinson, such as cutting down trees, catching a fire, building the house and constructing boats. They live on insects and mice, taking risk of being bite by snakes and threatened by various animals. In order to survive, the participants have to take any method. Such a serious conflict reaches its climax again and again. The conflict aroused from the survival crisis has paved the way for the stimulation of the program but more intensity is revealed on the contradiction between human beings.

Debuted in 2000, Survivor achieved a big success and at the same time, another similar program called Who Wants To be a Millionaire hit in prime time. For a moment, reality show brought a hug impact on Situation Comedy and traditional TV series. What’s more, due to the depression caused by the scandal of Who Wants To be a Millionaire, Fox Broadcasting Company which announced that they would never broadcast reality show broke its oath and started a similar program.


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