Relogion Religion?

Last week i watched a special news report by CNN, called”inside the world of nobeliever” , i know US is a religious country before I came here, but I was still shocked when i was watching it. the news is tlking about a boy who was borned in a super religious family, as he grew up he started to doubt that if god really exist and he became atheist. the anchor was interviewing his family and him , when came to question “were u upset when your boy came out told you about this” his parents said”we heart broken, and later they called the son as a dead person, which really shocked me. 屏幕快照 2015-04-06 下午2.26.54

I grew up in none-believer family,  we trust science, physics we believe in people. But I understand that thoese people who have religion , I also respect them to have a belief to live their lives. But I think I would never understand those people who consider religion more important than family or their lives. Personally I dun think anything can compare with family . now alot international issues going on over the defferent religion, fight, voilence, war and ect. I feel so sad everytime so many innocent people died for this.