Fast & Furious 7 : a goodbye to Paul Walker


The seventh movie of the Fast & Furious was released on the April 3rd. Finally !! 🙂

I really love this saga. I watched the seven movies, and every year I am waiting for the next one.

However,11156713966_8a3fe8f2cd_z this one was particular due to the death of Paul Walker. Just as a reminder, Paul Walker ,who was one of the most important actor in the saga, died in a car crash in November 2013. This movie was long-awaited because of the death of Paul while the shooting of Furious 7 was already began. Indeed, there were several gossips concerning the death of Brian (Paul Walker’s character) or the fact that his brothers will replace him during the missing scene. But I won’t tell you more ! You have to see it in order to know what happened to Brian O’Connor !



I saw the movie this week-end in Imax. It was the first time that I saw an Imax movie.   The Imax has the capacity to record and display in a great size and resolution. The quality is amazing. It’s very incredible. However, I am not jure that it is the best Imax’s movie. In fact, it’s an action-movie with a lot of fight scene. At the end of the two hours, I have a huge headache. I think that I prefer the « normal » screen.


My opinion about the movie

It’s a really good movie. However, certain scene are really surrealist. For instance, after car crash, the characters did not have any trace of blood, which is very strange ! Moreover, the spirit and the atmosphere of the first movie has totally disappeared. I think that it’s a pity because it becomes an action movie instead of a movie based on cars.

However, this opus was a huge tribute to Paul Walker. All along the movie, there were allusions to Paul and the end of the movie is absolutely touching. You must see it !!

A possible Fast and Furious 8 ? Maybe ! Vin Diesel teased about a possible Fast & Furious 8, which will take place in New York !! Let’s see about it !!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. adiepriye says:

    I really love these series. I haven’t watched this one though, thanks for not spoiling it with too many sneak peeks. Loved Paul, i cried when he past. thanks for sharing.

  2. alinewbr says:

    Yes, I tried to not spoil the plot even it’s a little bit hard ! If you like Paul, you must see this last opus 🙂 You will love it

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