We are nothing but a reflection of nature!

The spring break was here and I had nothing to do. No plans, no friends, no vacations.. Absolutely nothing!

I could either sit at home and get bored to death or just wander around looking at things. I decided to do the later. Every evening I would leave the house, lost in my own thoughts and walk around aimlessly. I didn’t have any particular place in mind, I would just walk around the neighborhood and go where the road would take me.

One thing that I did though was to look at things, little things that we usually tend to ignore in our everyday busy lives and click a lot of pictures. I had like hundreds of them in my cellphone and that is a lot considering that they were clicked just in a weeks time. So here I was sitting and going through all the pictures I’d clicked and this one particular picture really caught my eye.

11082300_10153197547387629_4322188959107740778_oI choose to call it ‘We are nothing but a reflection of nature’, too dramatic of a title for a simple picture maybe. But i love the way how the sky and the trees cast a reflection on the huge glass building. This picture made me realize how beautiful nature actually is. We as human beings believe that we are the strongest species on the earth because we have the power to create. But can we actually create anything more beautiful than the nature itself?

I know that the architects and the engineers definitely deserve an applause for coming up with such architectural marvels. It is definitely no easy task. But just a thought.. Would the building look equally appealing without the reflection of the sky? Would it still be such a compelling picture to hold anyone’s attention? I guess not.

I definitely didn’t go on any adventurous trips nor did I do anything fun. But the spring break wasn’t such a waste afterall, it atleast gave me a moment to pause and look at things, look beyond the obvious and find a deeper meaning. And above all it gave me a vision, a vision to find beauty in everything we see.


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  1. zaaronnnnnn says:

    We are the reflection of nature truly, because nature appeared much earlier than us. And I like the photograph, it is so amazing!

    1. hridya01 says:

      Thank u Xinyuan

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